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Features and Benefits

  • Touchscreen controls
  • 12 Built in alarms
  • 15 Hour battery
  • Automatic alarm settings
  • Pressure Support Ventilation
  • Rugged and durable for helicopter, fixed wing aircraft or in-house transport
  • Three Oxygen Options: Air-entrainment with 50% Blender 21% to 100% or 100%
  • Ventilators limited stock available


Introducing the all new state of the art CROSSVENT4 (CV-4) Intensive Care / Transport Ventilator: an ultra compact, electronically controlled time cycled, volume or pressure limited ventilator with intensive care capabilities. Its wide range of operating parameters allows ventilatory support of patients from adult to neonate. It may be used as a pulsatile flow device or with constant flow.
The CV-4’s microprocessor makes possible. Such advanced functions as corrected tidal volumes, PWI (pressure wave index), lung mechanics and waveforms, and foreign lung mechanics and waveforms, and foreign language menus. Its RS232 port allows for simple and instant soft ware upgrades.

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